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The figure below is the graphical indication of the responses received from participants regarding the influence of individual factors on the rate of employee turnover.

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This implies that female employees tend to give higher ratings for social needs, such as working with individuals and being of assistance to other people, than their male peers. Negative effects of wide interest of recruitment policy on job satisfaction of the retail and the organization.

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The second objective of the study was to identify the effects job stress on employee job satisfaction. Sometimes these surveys are created for specific jobs; at other times, they are designed to apply to any job.

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Finally, the third section of the literature related to theemployeesperformance in the hotel industry. Through a literature review, these formative elements of job satisfaction can be linked to employee engagement.

Demographic Characteristics This section consists of information that describes basic characteristics such as position of the respondents and years worked in their current position. Regular employees used keywords concerning human resources measures related to the organization. The employee satisfaction of the hotel sector: we encounter a bank. New York, NY: John Wiley.

HR managers contradicted to the statement as they felt that even though the employees were well trained and competent enough, their performances tend to degrade during the peak seasons when there was rush of visitors.

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